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Auto Insurance for Antique or Classic Cars

Sometimes consumers are surprised that it can be extremely difficult to get auto insurance coverage for an old car. It seems that it would be easier, but many of these antiques or classics have high value attached to them because they are collectible rarities. They also often come with fewer safety features like airbags and modern brakes, and for those reasons auto insurance companies are sometimes reluctant to insure them.

But the need for antique or classic auto insurance has also created a niche market within the overall insurance industry. There are some companies that specialize in this kind of coverage, and they are more than happy to offer you a solid auto insurance policy for your antique car. They will typically offer to cover the full value of these rare and sometimes expensive cars, too, which is a big advantage to anyone who invests in antiques.

To find a classic car auto insurance company you can do a search on the Internet or ask a professional antique auto dealer or collector’s club. Most serious collectors know about this kind of auto insurance because they use it for their own cars. Compare the prices and terms of a few different policies and then select an auto insurer and policy that fits your needs and offers sufficient coverage for your classic car.