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Handling Auto Insurance Coverage after an Accident

Immediately after you get into an auto accident you need to know exactly how to handle the auto insurance coverage. Otherwise you might make a serious mistake that jeopardizes your coverage. Follow the steps outlined by your auto insurance company. Your agent will usually provide those guidelines to you in writing on a convenient wallet-sized card for easy reference.

Never drive away from the scene of an accident, because that could void your auto insurance coverage. Always jot down the license plate and contact information for the drivers of any other vehicles that were involved. If the damage is more than a tiny fender bender call the police, and request a copy of the official police report. Also immediately call your auto insurance agent or company hotline and report the accident. If you are hurt or suspect an injury then take the ambulance to the emergency room.

Before having any repairs done to your vehicle check with the auto insurance company to make sure they authorize that the work be done. Your auto insurance company may have special partnerships with some repair shops, for example, and that might save you money on repairs. If you have any questions or concerns after an accident, just call your auto insurance agent.