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Letting Other People Drive on Your Auto Insurance

Many times other people will need to or want to drive your car. Maybe you need for them to run an errand for you or you are traveling together on a trip so you share driving responsibilities. But your auto insurance policy only has your name on it, and that is why letting others drive raises many auto insurance questions.

You need to talk to your auto insurance agent to be sure. Many policies don’t cover roommates, for example, unless they only drive your vehicle once in a great while. They may also not pay for an accident if the driving history of the person driving your car has not been evaluated by your auto insurance company.

Normally if you both live under the same roof at the same address and are immediate family members your auto insurance policies will cover each other. But every auto insurance policy is different. So to be safe always check the fine print of the policy before handing the car keys to anyone else.